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The digital collections of the Greek State Archives

The archival collections kept in the General State Archives are an integral part of our cultural heritage. The way both state and citizens deal with their issues, small and large, is documented in those collections. The wealth of information provided is impressive and encompasses every aspect of social, political, economic and scientific as well as every other activity of the nation.

The integrated application software @ρχειομνήμων allows navigation through the archival collections originating from 37 agencies of the General State Archives all over Greece as well as searching for and accessing specific documents on-line.

Besides the on-line access to the digitized collections, the system also supports navigation through the finding aids of all the state archival agencies,
updated regularly with any newly arranged or digitized

Seven million pages at your disposal…

Navigate wisely!

Selected archives

  • Notarial archives of Volos

    GSA - Archives of Magnesia keep some of the oldest notarial records of Volos, the first after the liberation of Thessaly by the Turks in 1881.

  • Archives of the Greek school of Skopelos

    The school archive of Skopelos is one of the oldest educational archives kept at GSA - Archives of Magnesia and its operation dates back to the years of the Greek Revolution. In 1865-1866 the school attended the Skiathitis, and later a leading writer, Alexander Papadiamantis (1851-1911).

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